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Pipe Operator


FNG Group is seraching for the best operators in Mexico. If meeting the criteria, please complete the following form and our recruiting team will get in touch.


  • Deliver the product as programmed.
  • Load the transported product (if applicable).
  • Leave at scheduled time.
  • Unload the product.
  • Fill the documentation: Travel log, DOT.
  • Report failures in transport units and cryogenic storage tanks.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 32 – 48
  • License E or BYE double articulate
  • 3 year experience or more in pipes
  • Overall good health
  • 7 years of seniority
  • Civil status: Indistinct
  • Schedule availability
  • Completed elementary and secondary education


  • Excellent weekly income
  • Legal benefits
  • Job stability
  • CANACAR-IMSS agreement
  • Life insurance
  • Recent model units

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