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In FNG Group we have the infrastructure to provide the best service needed by the industrial market as we offer logistic solutions and cargo transportation at the highest standards to keep whatever you are moving completely safe.


Hazardous Materials

From to polyethylene to recines and waste, we are the best option to transport this kind of materials.


Whenever needed we can help you transport form oxygen to nitrogen and natural gas LNG

Alimentary Grade

We have the tech and units to transport any alimentary cargo.

General and specialized cargo

Cargo? You name it! We can transport any kind of products and materials.

Infrastructure and certifies

We are now part of a close group of enterprises certified in BASC security system. This accreditation give us the rank of trustworth transport company.

We also have a C-TPAT certification that recognize our effort of warranty the whole operation. 

Plus, we are part of ANIQ (National Association of the Chemical Industry)

Reliable Drivers Program

Focused on providing a high-quality service to all of our clients, we make sure to conduct a detailed selection process using the following criteria:

Socioeconomic analysis
Psicometric tests
Physical skills and knowledge tests
Medical screenings (through annual program)
Toxicology test
2 year minimum of previous experience
Mandatory driving test
Mandatory medical test
Theoretical training
One month of training

Some of our clients